Kooringal Golf Club

Dress Code, Etiquette & Local Rules

Dress Code

Golf Course

All players are expected to dress in a neat and tidy manner appropriately befitting a private golf club.

Shirts must be golfing attire and may be worn outside of shorts/pants. Smart tailored shorts/pants is the standard, and socks must be predominantly white.

Tracksuit or leisure pants or denim jeans or shorts are not acceptable attire.

Golfing shoes (non-metal spikes) must be worn


Dress Code 


Smart casual is the minimum dress requirement.

Members and their guests are required to be suitably attired at all times in the Clubhouse. Please don’t use this as a means to dress poorly. Help us maintain our proud culture. In the spirit of that, below are some key points to keep in mind as to determine “Smart Casual Dress”.

Denim is acceptable in the clubhouse

Boat shoes without socks are acceptable footwear

The following items are not acceptable:

Head wear is not permitted in the member’s bar or dining areas of the Clubhouse except in the spike bar where caps and visors must be worn to the front.

Mobile phones and other electronic equipment

Mobile phones in silent/vibrate mode may be carried anywhere on the Club’s premises. Discreet use of mobile phones for outgoing calls is permitted in the following areas:

Locker rooms, car park and clubhouse veranda at the dining room end beyond the steps.

The quiet enjoyment and use of electronic devices including laptop computers, iPads and mobile phones (in silent mode) is permitted in the Clubhouse at the discretion of the Management so long as other patrons are not adversely affected by this activity.

It is NOT the role of members to enforce the dress code upon other members or their guests. If you believe another person has failed to meet the standards of this dress code, please advise a staff member of your concerns so that appropriate action may be taken. Where any doubt exists as to the suitability of attire, the final decision will be at the discretion of management.

Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play

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Local Rules

Kooringal Golf Club Local Rules