Kooringal Golf Club

Indoor Golf Membership

If you are going to regularly use the Kooringal Indoor Golf facilities, why not secure yourself a membership!  A Kooringal Indoor Golf Membership entitles you to book a bay any day, any time and use the facilities however you choose!  You might come down for some practice, and hit on the range for 30 minutes, then play a few holes before you leave, or you might invite three friends to play 18 holes and have a few refreshments as you play.

A range of membership options are available, starting at 6 hours of use per month, through to 6 hours per week.  There are memberships for Juniors also available too!

There is a package for anyone, from the most enthusiastic golfer for practise and play all over the world, to someone just starting out as their first ever golf membership, we can find something that works for you.

While the nominated member has to be here for any booking, there is no reason a group can’t chip in for a membership together!

Full details in the below PDF file.

KGC Indoor Golf Membership