Kooringal Golf Club

Information & Fees


Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Golf Member of Kooringal Golf Club. Kindly find below the relevant information for completing your Membership Application. Firstly, you will need to complete a Membership Application Form and return it to the Administration Office along with the $15.00 Application Fee (non-refundable). Upon return of the Membership Application Form, it will be displayed for a minimum of two weeks on the Member’s Notice Board. If there are no objections to your Membership Application, then it will be presented to the Committee for approval at the next meeting (usually the fourth Tuesday of every month). Once the Committee approves your application, you will be contacted by the Club to attend an Induction Session.

2017-2018 Membership Fees

2017-2018 Membership Application Form

New 9 Hole Membership Catagory Information

Direct Debit Form

Place a call back request to find out more about any of our Memberships and someone from our team will call when its convenient for you.

Call Back Request

Summer Membership Offer

Get in early and take advantage of

Daylight Savings.

Just nominate a starting date for when you want your 3-month Membership to commence.

Summer Members can play 7 Days a Week after 3 pm.

Twilight 9 Hole competitions are held Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for only $3 Competition Fee

If you decide to take up Full Membership after your Summer Membership finishes you’ll get $200 off the Entrance Fee. 

Our New Pro Shop & Golf Centre will open in December so make sure you come to the Club and check it out.

 Young Membership Category



















As with all membership categories, the Younger Member fees will be subject to annual reviews and the standard GolfVic affiliation fee, insurance and joining fee applies.

Take advantage of direct debit with monthly instalments on Membership and Joining fee’s available

Induction Session

The Induction Session is an integral part of the joining process, and it is compulsory to attend as part of joining Kooringal Golf Club. The Inductions are an excellent way to meet fellow New Members and serves as a welcome to Kooringal as well as providing you with valuable information about the Club. Typically, the duration of the Induction Sessions is approximately an hour.  The Membership Directors will go through all the relevant information with you. You are most welcome to ask questions during this session. At the Session you will receive:

  • A Tax Invoice for your Annual Subscription, Fees & Charges
  • A copy of the 2017 Fixture
  • A copy of the Rules of Golf book
  • Security/Gate Card
  • House Debit Card
  • A Golflink Card will be sent to you directly from Golflink.

Upon payment of your Tax Invoice, you will then be able to access the Member Website and make golf bookings and browse the Member Sections. From there it is happy golfing. Good luck!

7 Day Member & Honorary Life Member May use the playing facilities on any day.
6 Day Member (Mon – Fri + Sun) May not use any playing facilities on Saturday but may play and enter competitions held on other days.
5 Day Member (Mon – Fri)


5 Day Member 9 Hole Only (Mon – Fri)

May not use any playing facilities on Saturday or Sunday but may play and enter competitions held from Monday to Friday inclusive.


Same rights as above but restricted to 9 Holes and 9 Hole competitions held Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Under 40’s Membership (21 – 39 years old) Entitled to the same playing rights and restrictions to use the Golf Facilities as per a full-fee seven, six or five-day membership equivalent to the under 40 Membership at a reduced rate
Member Under 21 (18 – 20 years old) May use the playing facilities on any day.
Junior Member (12 -17 years old) As for 7 Day Members except for Saturday when the Committee may restrict or deny playing rights if deemed necessary.
My Golf Junior Program An 8 week beginner program designed to teach the basics. Further information on the My Golf Program can be found here.
Cadet Member (8 -12 years old) As for 7 Day Members except for Saturday when the Committee may restrict or deny playing rights if deemed necessary. Must always play with an adult member.
Country Member May use the playing facilities on any day. Must reside more than 100 km from the Clubhouse.
Clergy Member May use the playing facilities on any day.
Senior Member (Must have attained 20 consecutive years of Membership and reached the age of 70 years old) As for their current category of Membership (Note: Senior 7 Day Membership has now closed)
Non-Playing Member (Social) May on the payment of standard Green Fees, use the Course and practice facilities (except Saturday) on not more than six occasions in any year.
Gaming Member No Voting Rights. May not play in or enter any competitions. Can only play as a Green Fee player at the discretion of the Committee or the Tee Master.
Temporary Member (Conditions apply) As for 7 Day Members. Cannot play in Medal or Championship Events.

For further information about joining as a New Member, call the Office between 9 am – 5 pm Mon – Fri on (03) 9315 0855 or email us at golfoperations@kooringalgolf.com.au and we will endeavour to help you with your enquiries.