CORONAVIRUS – How many people can we have in the clubhouse?

Posted on: 20 March

Further to the E NEWs on Friday 20 March, the Prime Minister has just put some new guidelines in place about social distancing.

In addition to the 100 people per area in the clubhouse rule, (this means the restaurant, golf shop, members bar lounge and gaming lounge are all separate areas) we now need to cap each area based on its size.

We have measured the bar lounge, terrace the gaming area.

As a result, the bar lounge may have 64 people in it, and we have moved the tables and chairs to reflect that.
The terrace furniture has also been re-positioned to ensure the right amount of tables and chairs are in place.

Finally, the gaming area, which includes the TAB, gaming lounge and the area in front of the new TV, can have a total of 90 people in it.

It is critically important that you don’t move the tables and chairs. We look forward to your support.

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