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Junior Golf

Our Junior Program- Skills and Friends for Life. Kooringal Golf Club has the perfect setting for junior golf which encourages and fosters growth for juniors with a culture that nurtures their development and provides them skills not limited to golf to succeed. Specialist coaching from PGA professionals and some junior clinics, junior events, scholarships and organised trips to golf events through the Melbourne region available to members. There are some pathways to start your golfing adventure that will combine new friendships, skills, fitness and a lot of laughs.

How do I get my children playing golf?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and there are some Junior programs run by Kooringal Golf Club that will help with their development. MyGolf the national golf program by Golf Australia is for kids aged 8-16 yrs old that are just starting or looking to improve their game. They will develop from a novice player to a skilled player by being involved in clinics, coaching, camps and shootout events held throughout the year at Kooringal Golf Club.

                       We are excited to introduce you to the Kooringal Junior Sharks. This is a significant pathway that will help our budding young golfers aged 8-16 developed through the MyGolf program to have their identity through a graduation system that will see them move up the Junior ranks to become Adult members of the golf club. This is a significant step to have their identity not only at Kooringal but also in the broader community and at other golf clubs. To help the Junior Sharks navigate the waters as they learn more about golf, they will be given a Cadet Handicap to be used in junior competitions and as a stepping stone to getting a Golf Australia handicap. The Sharks will be educated on all aspects of golf with the values of Honesty, Respect and Integrity. The Stuart Appleby Junior Golf Foundation hosts some events throughout the year and provides Junior Members a competitive golfing pathway to play at different golf clubs throughout Victoria and meet fellow junior golfers.

Junior Membership

SUC54430 One of the best golf courses to learn and foster a Junior golfer. Being a Junior member at Kooringal is more than just golf. It provides a platform for children to develop long-lasting friendships and life skills that will help them into the future. How much will it cost? The Kooringal Golf Club has some options for Juniors to begin playing golf starting at just $120.00 for eight lessons with the MyGolf program. To help promote Junior Membership, there are no entrance fees for juniors under 18 yrs and with substantially discounted fee’s compared to adult members it is a great investment.

Kooringal Golf Club Junior Development Scholarships Program

We’re proud of our investment in Junior Golf. As a Club, we want to see all juniors develop to their full potential and harness their natural talent. Our Staff coordinate the program in conjunction with the Junior Development sub-committee. All Pro Shop staff are also available to junior members for coaching and advice, with costs covered by funding from the Kooringal Golf Club Foundation. Junior Members can apply for the scholarship program which can help them with extra support.

Junior Scholarship Application Form

Expectations and Goals