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The jackpot has reached $4400, and the party atmosphere is electric!
With no sign of Dale Wilson and Barbara Cernez at 8pm, we're increasing the jackpot. Congratulations to Daniel Cameron and Juliane Walsh for each winning the $250 cash prize! 🎉💰 Join us next week for more thrilling moments!
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🎉The jackpot has skyrocketed to $4300! With Tim Kennedy and Mandy Luscombe absent last Friday, the jackpot has surged. Congratulations to Joe Palatsides and Fiona Prendergast, each winning $250 in our guaranteed cash raffles! 💰 Be part of the excitement – join us next Friday for your shot at winning big!
Get ready for another thrilling Friday with the jackpot climbing to $4200! Last Friday's draws, Martin Millen and Mark Butcher were sadly absent at 8pm. However congratulations to Marilyn Cornish and Carolyn Turner who each won the $250 raffle cash prize! 🎉💸
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🎉 The excitement continues to grow! 🍾✨ Next week's jackpot reaches an impressive $4100, as Scott Townley and Carol Shipley were not present at last Friday’s 8pm draw.
Congrats to John Booth and Keith Brumby on winning $250 each. 
Don't miss out on the fun and your opportunity to win big! Join us next Friday for another memorable night! 🎟️🙌
Behold our stunning golf course! Tonight's unfiltered view from the 18th Hole is simply breathtaking. 🏌️‍♂️🌅