What is the Foundation?

The Kooringal Golf Club Foundation was created with a view to establishing and growing a permanent fund to be used for both the development of Junior Golf and specific infrastructure projects.

The Foundation is to be administered by a Board of Trustees that are independent of the Board of Directors of the Golf Club. The Foundation will be used to seek Member and Sponsor contributions in a tax effective manner and to provide comfort to those and other stakeholders that the activities and management of the Foundation are separated from the Clubs other activities.

The Kooringal Golf Club plays an important part in the lives of many members and the wider community and provides them with exercise, relaxation and friendly social interaction. Whilst the Club will continue its profit growth strategies, with a focus on its current revenue streams, these revenues are sometimes insufficient to fund the long term strategies of the Club and the Community.

With this realisation, the Foundation will provide a permanent fund, administered independently from the Club administration to help preserve, develop and maintain the standards and facilities at Kooringal Golf Club.

Our mission with the Foundation is to ensure those who follow us – our children, their friends and acquaintances – have a secure future at the Club, so that they too can enjoy the game, just as we have.

‘Through the identification of key growth areas and the establishment of sustainable programs, the Foundation aims to provide funding in the continuance of quality and service for the future of Kooringal Golf Club and its members, guests and the community.’

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