Course Update

Posted on: 28 April

Course update….

As mentioned in the previous course update, the Jobkeeper payment has enabled the course team to come back in a limited capacity(15 hours per week at this stage). We have split into two teams with staggered start times to ensure we are doing our bit with regard to social distancing. One team is working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the other working Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s great to have them back!!!
The recent 15 mm rainfall over the weekend has taken our total for the YTD to 253 mm. This has been a blessing as we haven’t had to use hardly any water since early March. This saving couldn’t have come at a better time! Compare that with last year where we had a total of 58 mm YTD.
The course is ticking along nicely for this time of year. One positive with having the course closed is that its really enjoying a rest from less maintenance and golfer wear and tear. It’s actually pretty amazing to see the improvement in tight traffic areas on greens and green surrounds.
Having the staff back over the last week or so has enabled us to ramp up the grooming and tidying up the place. Especially in the out of play areas like roughs which hadn’t been touched since early March. During my time here by myself, shortgrass areas took priority.

Some tasks undertaken over the last two weeks include:

PGR fairways and green surrounds
Verti draining and dusting of greens
Herbicide spraying in bunkers
Cutting rough
Trimming around sprinklers – particularly fairways
Grooming of surfaces
Small project works
Irrigation additions

See you soon!

The Course team

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