Course Update

Posted on: 14 April

It’s been a challenging last two weeks that’s for sure. Things have moved so quickly and here we are with just myself managing this place.

Rest assured the course has got through very well. 60 mm of rainfall has been very welcome. This took the pressure of in regards to any watering required.
That brings out 2020 total to 220mm!

The Job keeper initiative from the Govt which was announced this week will enable the course team to reunite in some capacity….. still a few boxes to tick before that will happen but in the coming week/weeks we will reunite! Yeahya!! Keep you posted when that happens and how that looks from an hours point of view.

See below the tasks undertaken for the last two weeks.

Last week:
Greens cut 5/7 days(mainly due to flush from rain)
Collars cut once
All bunkers trimmed and high rates of PGR applied to slow growth – Cheers Brett Hardeman & Mark Bateman
Greens needle tined and dusted
Soil and foliar fertiliser programs applied to greens
PGR application to greens

This week :
Greens cut 4/7 days
Collars cut once
Prior to mowing anything all debris was blown off the course from last weekends high winds
All tees, fairways and surrounds have been mown once – Cheers Rodrigo Pons
Fungicide applied to greens.

I will endeavour to update everyone weekly.


The KGC course team

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