Course Update – May

Posted on: 18 May

Course update….

Welcome back golfers!! It’s great to have you back chopping up the pristine turf again!

The course, in particular the short grass turf, has certainly enjoyed a break from play. That is a positive out of the current situation we have been in.

With the course reopening, the course team hours have increased but we still have a way to go until we are all back to normal hours.

Other than grooming on the course this week, the main works have revolved around redirecting a main town water line that burst at the rear of the 4th green. This line feeds our course toilets and drinking fountains. The new line was redirected well away from the green. We have moved the old drinking fountain to tie into the existing wooden seats, sand box and ball washer. While at the same time we have also improved the irrigation at the rear of the 4th green and towards the 5th tee. This area will eventually become short grass linking the 4th green to the 5th tees. These works will finish up over the next week.

Members may have noticed a few of the wooden sand/rubbish boxes missing. We are currently in the process of reinforcing them due to wear and tear.

While the drinking fountains and ball washers are out of action we will also take the time to freshen these up and make sure they are in the correct spot.


The Course team.

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