COVID-19 Update – Hospitality Arrangements

Posted on: 22 June

On Saturday 20 June, the Premier deferred the decision to allow 50 pax per room in the hospitality areas. That means we have a maximum of 20 pax per room. However, the requirement to have a meal in order to get a drink has been relaxed, but table service is still required.

Allowing members to come in and sit down and order drink without ordering a meal is likely to be popular. To that end, we will open up the TAB Lounge so that we achieve extra capacity. That means we have the following seating capacity:

Members Lounge :          20
Simulator Area:                16
Terrace:                              20
TAB Lounge                       20

We will also share the Spike Bar with PEKISH, particularly on Thursdays and Saturdays when we are busy. The Pokies Lounge remains closed until further notice. There will not be a booking system for a table – it will simply be grab a table when you finish golf.

We would very much appreciate your support of the bars after golf. The Golfers Menu remains in operation between 11am and 6pm, and effective from this week includes a few snack choices of hot chips, wedges and dim sims.



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