Posted on: 4 September

Members are advised that the AGM will be conducted by video conferencing on Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 7pm.

In order to attend the AGM via video conferencing, you need to email generalmanager@kooringalgolf.com.au to register your intention to do so. We will be conducting the AGM via a software programme called ZOOM. A couple of days prior to the AGM, we will email you some instructions as to how to upload / log in to ZOOM, which will include a special password to enable you access to the meeting. There will also be some instructions provided on how the meeting will be conducted etc.

Kooringal is certainly not the first Club/Organisation to run their AGM via video conferencing. In fact it has been very common in the past 3-6 months due to COVID-19. Clearly our preference was to run the AGM face to face, and hence we have delayed the AGM in the hope we could do that. However, we have reached the stage that we cannot let this drag on, hence 30 September was selected.

On the Notice of Meeting there is a particular item of Special Business relating to the Boards desire to formally create the position of Treasurer. There is no suggestion to change the numbers on the Board which is presently nine, however the proposal is to reduce the Director positions by one and to create a Treasurer position. To achieve this, Constitutional change is required and hence a 75% vote in favour of the motion is required.

Although we encourage members to attend the AGM via video conferencing, we suspect many will not be able to do so. That being the case, we encourage members to complete a proxy form in order to vote on the item of Special Business relating to the proposed creation of a Treasurer’s position. You can scan your proxy form and send it to the email address listed earlier. With a bit of luck, we will be open again in mid September, so you will be able to hand your Proxy Form in at the office closer to the date of the AGM. Please show interest in your Club’s activities by completing a Proxy Form.

If you intend to attend the AGM by video conferencing, you may vote on the Special Business on the night, however, to help us with the smooth running of the AGM, it would be helpful if members voted by Proxy in advance of the AGM.

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