Posted on: 4 September

Further to the recent E NEWs, Members are advised that the following outcomes relate to the call for nominations for the Board for the 2020/2021 year. On this occasion, and as per the Constitution, Category B Directors (Captain, Vice Captain and three Directors) must retire from Office. As a result, the existing Office Bearers and Directors who are required to retire have taken the following action:

Greg Findlay retired from the position of Captain and did not seek re-election.
Kerry Bayly retired from the position of Vice Captain and offered himself for the position of Captain.
Daniel Hunt resigned from the position of Director, effective 29 July 2020.
Rhonda Dunn retired from the position of Director and offered herself for re-election.
Martin Enright retired from the position of Director and did not seek re-election.

In addition, the following members have offered themselves for election to the Board in 2020/2021:

Steve Ponton as a Director.
Paul Armstrong as a Director.

As a result of the above, there is no need for an election, hence the following members will be ratified at the AGM as being elected to the Board for 2020/2021

Kerry Bayly – Captain, and Rhonda Dunn, Paul Armstrong & Steve Ponton as Directors.

They join Alan Jones (President), John Taylor (Vice President) and Julie Feehan and Mauro Starc (Directors) who were not required to stand this year.

It is noted that there were no applicants for the position of Vice Captain. The Board will discuss this matter at their first meeting and as per the Constitution, have discretion to appoint a casual vacancy should they elect to do so.

It is also noted that should the vote to amend the Constitution in order to create a Treasurer position be successful, the Board will appoint Paul Armstrong to that position at their first meeting. Paul comes equipped with the appropriate qualifications to take on the role of Treasurer at KGC.

We take the opportunity to thank Daniel Hunt and Martin Enright for giving their time to serve as Directors. Both have made a terrific contribution to the Club and we thank them for that. In addition, Greg Findlay has elected to retire as Captain. Greg has served on the Board for the past five years, commencing as Vice-Captain and for the past three and a half as Captain. Greg has been very active Board member during his tenure, particularly on both the Golf and Course Sub-Committees. In fact, as the Chair of the Course Sub-Committee, Greg has built a terrific relationship with the Course Superintendent and the course staff and the results speak for themselves as we have a golf course that is continually presented in outstanding condition. Greg has also always been first to put his hand up to lend a hand and has already committed to playing a lead role in the development of a volunteer army.

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