Kooringal Golf Club


The Committee of the Club viewed that for the Foundation to be recognised and accepted by the various stakeholders that there should be an independent group of Trustees responsible for the management of the Foundation. Therefore with the creation of the Kooringal Golf Club Foundation, a Corporate Trustee being Kooringal Foundation Pty Ltd was also established.  This Company will be responsible for the trusteeship and management of the Foundation.  Under the Trust Deed,  the committee of the Club has the ultimate control of the Foundation as the nominated Appointor an also as the sole shareholder of the Trustee Company.

The Foundation Trustees/Directors  are:

Alan Jones (Chairperson), Dale Manlein, Julie Feehan and Sean Simkin. The Foundation is approved by the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) including acceptable projects for tax deductible purposes.  * The Trustees of the Foundation will have the power to disperse the funds of the Foundation according to the purposes of Trust Deed To promote, support, develop and maintain the objects and the property of the Club and its standards, activities and facilities, .. To promote and fund the ongoing development and training (in areas pertaining to the game of golf and golf competition) of junior golfers (whether members of the Club or not) and promoting and encouraging junior golf in Victoria generally. Financing the acquisition of land, buildings facilities, water storages, machinery, equipment and any other property for the purposes or benefit of the Club; and Augmenting and assisting the Club in achieving its capital expenditure programme from time to time. To promote study, research and development by the Club and Club Members and employees in the field of golf course maintenance, supervision, design and administration To promote and finance all activities and fields of endeavour whatsoever between the Club and any Affiliated Club as the Trustees may from time to time deem appropriate.  * Under taxation law, a deductible gift requires a donor to transfer money voluntarily without the donor or an associate of the donor receiving or being entitled to receive in return, any material advantage or compensation (apart from the tax saving). The Kooringal Golf Club projects are approved and conducted under the charter of the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd (ABN 27 008 613 858)